2022 Golfweek Senior Desert Showdown starts year-end rush to earn Player of the Year points

By Fly Pin High |
October 29, 2022

Starting November 2, senior amateur golfers will be able to play on the Sewailo Course at Casino Del Sol, Tucson, Arizona. On Wednesday, the 2022 Golfweek Senior Desert Showdown begins with players making their final pushes to be eligible for Golfweek Player of Year honors.

Only three events remain for the POY title this year, so it is close between No. 1 Rusty Strawn, No. 2 Kevin VandenBerg. VandenBerg has a chance to take advantage of the 1,930 points between the men, even though Strawn is not there in Tucson.

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VandenBerg, the only player within 4,000 points of Strawn’s score, is mathematically the only one who can surpass Golfweekspan styling=”font-weight 400 ;”>’s No. As the season winds down, VandenBerg is at No. 1. Players in the top 10 are still trying to get momentum going into the 2023 POY race.

No. Steve Maddalena, 7th ranked, is the next highest-ranked player this week. He would be the No. 1 player if he finishes this week in first place. 4, thanks to the 1,200 POY Points that come with a win.

Although it won’t get him close enough to Strawn, Maddalena will most definitely use the late-season push for next season.

Craig Larson is also in the field. He won wire-to-HT0_wire back in late September.

Over 54 holes, there will be four age divisions. The year-end Golfweek Tournament of Champions will see four new champions.

Golfweek has a schedule of events that will allow you to play on top golf courses in the country against senior amateurs from around the globe. You still have time to register for three events that complete the calendar year. The 2023 Player of the Year race begins with the January Golfweek Player of the Year Classic. We hope you join us!


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