2023 Bettinardi, HLX 5.0 Forged wedges – Everything you need

Oct, 2022

What you should know: The Bettinardi-HLX 5.0 soft carbon steel wedges have two finishes and two well-considered grind options.

2023 Bettinardi, HLX 5.0 Forged wedges – Key technology

Bettinardi uses a High Helix Cut machining method to create the softest forged wedge that the company has ever created. The machine cuts metal at a speed that creates more groove depth. This results in maximum spin, pushing the USGA groove limits. According to Bettinardi, the country’s top club fitter, Bettinardi-HLX wedges consistently produce 10% more spin and 12% less launch than other wedge manufacturers. Ping also reengineered the ladder milling at the back flange in order to raise the center gravity by five percent.

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Bettinardi’s words

“By using this finer milling method, we were able keep more weight on flange which raises center of gravity and helps golfers to achieve lower-flighted shots,” stated Sam Bettinardi (President of Bettinardi). Bettinardi Golf is a world-famous brand for producing the best putters. We are proud to keep improving our wedges and pushing the boundaries in design, craftsmanship and quality em>

Robert Bettinardi, CEO/Founder, Bettinardi Golf, stated that forged HLX 5.0 wedges are made from soft carbon steel. Since 2014’s inception of our forged wedge range, every generation has evolved with new finishes, lofts and technologies, making Bettinardi a seasoned player in the wedge category .”

Specs, availability

$220 MSRP

Retail: November 16

Finishes – Chrome, Graphite PVD

The C–Grind sole, a traditional wedge sole for players who enjoy making square-faced shots, is intended for those who are passionate about the game.

The RJ–Grind is a versatile wedge sole that has more heel, toe and trailing edge relief. It’s the most versatile wedge in the line.

ShaftsKBS High Rev, True Temper S200, S400 or the Nippon Pro Modus115 All wedges can be paired with a custom

Grips Bettinardi crosstour soft gray and black Lamkin grip


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