‘A d *******g That Won’t STFU’ – PGA Tour Pro blasts Billy Horschel during explosive interview

Oct, 2022

The bitter rivalry between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour is not going away. More people are starting to speak out about the affair, which will continue for a long time.

PGA Tour member Robert Garrigus spoke out on The Grind podcast by FirePit Collective. He made a wild prediction about the DP World Tour’s cancellation and reserved special criticism for Billy Horschel, an outspoken LIV critic.

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Garrigus stated to Ryan French that he believed the DP World Tour would soon end.

“I don’t know how they will survive, to be honest. It will be fascinating to see how these people fund this tour.

They are letting LIV guys play, and they are trying to take a position, like “oh, they’re not going to mention this guy’s name”. But the man who just won (Otaegui), played the first three events of LIV, and they were f *****g the dude the first three days when they were breaking scoring records, and they weren’t even talking about him. They had to speak up because it was his country of origin. It’s just bulls**t.

It’s not their fight. It’s not their fight. This is a PGA Tour player. DP World Tour guys – this is our deal. And it’s frustrating because LIV guys should be getting all that publicity. The DP World Tour players who’ve played on LIV should not be receiving that publicity. There are only a few guys here who actually care about this issue.

However, Garrigus was really enraged by Billy Horschel’s podcast. He called him a *******g who wouldn’t “shut down the fu*k up.”

“The d *******g Billy Horschel is a man who won’t stop the fu*k up, and it’s something I can’t bear to witness. Rory has taken a step back, Rahm too, because it’s not something you can win.

Grayson Murray is the only one who will fight on the driving range. Grayson Murray em is the only one who’s getting into a fight at the driving range.

Garrigus predicted that PGA Tour Chief Jay Monahan would lose his position within the next year.

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