According to some, the controversy over Mike Evans-NFL Referee’s ‘autograph’ was about golf

By Fly Pin High |
October 26, 2022

There was a controversy over the weekend regarding Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans, and two referees.

It appeared at first that Evans was signing autographs for the referees in the tunnel following the game, which would violate the referee conduct policies.

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The NFL rules state that members of an officiating team “shall not… ask players, coaches, or any other team personnel to sign autographs or memorabilia.”

The NFL stated that an investigation found that the referees were and notseeking autographs. They released a statement.

We have spoken with the people involved and confirmed that there was no autograph request from the game officials after the interaction between Jeff Lamberth, Tripp, and Mike Evans. Lamberth and Sutter were reminded that it is important to avoid any appearance of impropriety in interactions with players, coaches and staff members on gameday. This includes during pregame and postgame periods em>

Tom Pelissero from the NFL Network reported then that Evans was simply sharing the number of a coach in golf with the referee.

Many people commenting on the tweet seem skeptical about the explanation. The Twitter user “AboutToRatioU”, which has 1,711 likes, provided one of the most popular responses.

The Buccaneers are currently at 3-4, with a Thursday night matchup with the Baltimore Ravens.

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