After conditions caused absolute chaos, college event at Whistling Straits was cancelled

By Fly Pin High |
October 24, 2022

Whistling Straits is a famous and highly feared course of golf.

The names of the holes “Shipwreck”, “On The Rocks” and “Dyeabolical,” should be enough for players to get their nerves jangled while they play “Outward Bound”. But, if the wind blows along the Wisconsin coast, stay safe.

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While professionals may score below-par on the Straits course’s 7500-yard length, it can be difficult for those who are not in the top echelons.

Ryan French, a golf reporter and tweeter, posted a video on Sunday of a putt at college that was played at one of the most well-known courses in golf.

French, who is one of the mainstays of The Fire Pit Collective ‘s story-telling website about golf, received many replies warning the green-staff:

One person who was present confirmed the current state of affairs.

College golf is not the only one to show unappetizing conditions.

We reported in May on , a college girls’ game at River Valley Golf Course, where players who missed two-foot shots faced return putts that were five times as long.

Pin placements and green staff were again to blame.

Yesterday’s tweet was followed by a response from the greenkeeper’s side. One course manager stated:

“As a superintendent, we are under immense pressure to ensure that greens run north of 11 every day.” This is the fault of club head professionals and general managers. The superintendent is simply doing his job .”

More information from the 19th Hole

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