After Grand Canyon golf stunt, TikTok star faces charges

Nov, 2022

“Never toss rocks, coins, trash or any other objects over the edge. Objets that are thrown over the edge, or discarded by people walking off the trail, can cause injury to hikers or wildlife below.

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In its guide to safety at Grand Canyon National Park, the National Park Service website states this.

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Katie Sigmund (TikTok influencer) would have been wiser to take these guidelines into consideration when she hit a golf ball into one the most famous and well-studied geological sites in the country. It is human to make mistakes, and then throw the golf club after the ball is thrown is quite unacceptable.

GCNP released a statement regarding the incident.

A Facebook post by the group also revealed that:

“On October 26, a person posted a video on her TikTok account showing her hitting a ball of golf and then throwing it into a canyon near Mather Point. The individual’s social media accounts were identified by members of the public. Grand Canyon Law Enforcement located the person responsible and reached out to him/her on October 27. The individual is being charged .”

While the most well-known and famous part of the park can reach up to 1800m in some parts, the statement notes that the area is also a haven of explorers as well as many other inhabitants of the natural environment:

“Tossing objects over the canyon’s rim is illegal and can endanger hikers as well as wildlife.”

More information from the 19th Hole

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