After Twitter’s takeover, Ian Poulter pleads with Elon Musk

Nov, 2022

After Elon Musk’s multibillion-dollar takeover, Twitter Towers has seen a complete transformation.

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after months of negotiations, became the richest man on the planet at the end October. “buying Twitter acts as an accelerant to the creation of X, the all-purpose app”. Your guess is as good or better than mine.

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Musk was able to get to work immediately. Musk and his team fired some top-ranking management staff. His latest move was to change the ‘blue check’ award, which is given to users who are, according to the old site, ‘authentic, noble, and active’.

SpaceX and Tesla are now threatening to charge $8 per month for blue-eyed customers. This has not gone down well with the New Statesman claiming that it would be a “disaster”.

Ian Poulter is one of the many who disagree with the views of the respected publication. He is a frequent Twitter poster and a player that uses Twitter to support LIV Golf.

The 46-year old has been seen fighting back against anonymous trolling on social media. Musk welcomes any attempt to remove them from his feed.

The Ryder Cup star posted this Wednesday afternoon:

The 46-year old finished 29th in the end of season LIV rankings. earned just over $3million combined in individual and team earnings.

Poults was elected first-time captain of the Majesticks GC Team. This move allowed him to play in singles matches rather than Lee Westwood – a strategic decision that was made for a man who holds a Ryder Cup singles record with six wins and one-half from seven matches.

Poulter will be pleased with how Twitter has dealt with “hateful behavior” outside of the course. We should all be thankful for this.

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