As an influencer hits a golf ball and loses driver, charges are pending. National Park Service is forced to ask stupid questions

By Fly Pin High |
October 29, 2022

An influencer who uploaded a TikTok video of the incident has been charged and is due to appear in court.

The National Park Service posted what appeared to be a silly but necessary question on social media.

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Are we really required to tell people, “Don’t put golf balls in the Grand Canyon?”

According to the NPS,

A video was posted by an individual to her TikTok account on October 26 showing her hitting a ball of golf and then throwing it into a canyon near Mather Point. The individual’s social media accounts were identified by members of the public.

Grand Canyon Law Enforcement located, contacted and identified the person responsible for the incident on October 27. The individual is currently facing charges and will appear in court.

The original TikTok video was posted. It has been removed since, but the video is still available on Reddit.

Influencer hits the golf ball and loses the golf club in Grand Canyon, NationalPark

It is 277 miles in length and has a width of 4 to 18 miles. At points, the Colorado River reaches more than a mile in depth. Many side canyons lead to other worlds. Some are filled with lush vegetation while others are arid.

It might appear that the space is huge, but NPS explained why it was unacceptable.

It is illegal to throw objects over the canyon’s rim. This can also pose a danger to hikers or wildlife that may be there.

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