Billy Horschel responds after losing cool with fans during Phoenix Open

Feb, 2024

During last weekend’s Waste Management Phoenix Open, Billy Horschel snapped at fan who was making noise during players’ pre shot routines.

“Buddy, when he’s over the shot, shut the hell up!” Billy exclaimed “He’s trying to hit a damn golf shot here, it’s our f*****g job!”

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The event got a bit out of control, with drunk patrons starting fights and falling over during much of the weekend. Eventually, alcohol sales were ceased and the gates were closed due to the unruliness of the fans.

This week, Horschel went on Sirius XM PGA Tour Radio to discuss why he lost his cool.

“We’d just started our second round, we’re on the 11th hole and [Galletti] is over his second shot. We had told some fans over there to be quiet as he was about to hit. There were three or four guys over there that continued to talk and say some things.”

“They talked very loudly when he was over his shot, and I just feel like there was a loss of respect there. The guy is trying to play his shot, he’s trying to do his job. It’s the third day of the tournament and we hear a lot of different things.

“I just responded to it afterwards that I was displeased with the level of respect that was shown towards a fellow competitor while he is trying to hit a golf shot and compete in a golf tournament. And that’s just the simple fact of it.”

Horschel shared his opinion that many seem to be in agreement with, that the event has crossed the line from fun to unenjoyable.

“Has this tournament crossed the line? Yeah, I think the last couple of years have been a little much,” he added. “I think it has just got a little bit out of control. I just go back to the respect factor of it for what we’re trying to do in ours jobs.”

“I’ve read a few messages on social media like “you know what you signed up for” and “if you can’t take the heat then don’t show up,” but I’m like, this tournament was never about going there and being ridiculed by the fans. That was never the idea of this event.”

The event has vowed to fix the issues at hand, so hopefully changes are on the horizon for the 2025 version of the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

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