Brandel Chamblee delivers stinging response following taunts from Lee Westwood and Ian Poulter

Mar, 2023

Last week, we summarized some comments made by Ian Poulter and Lee Westwood accusing Golf Channel’s Brandel Chamblee of hypocrisy.

The comments stemmed from Chamblee sending what could be interpreted as mixed messages when it came to limited field, no-cut events. In particular, when making the argument against LIV receiving OWGR points.

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In response, Chamblee “quote tweeted” the article and did not hold back, saying:

“LIV players have gone from being autonomous, answering to nobody, playing where/when they wish, to going where they are told, playing courses they likely don’t care for under conditions they have no say in & finally & sadly, playing for a murderer. But let’s make this about cuts.”

The tweet drew lots of reaction, with plenty of fans backing the sentiment from Chamblee while others are seemingly still not fully sold on the idea of smaller fields and eliminating the cut.

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