Bryson deChambeau, Bubba Watson claim that PGA Tour still owes half of their PIP money. That’s why Bryson is still a plaintiff in a lawsuit

Oct, 2022

Bryson deChambeau, Bubba Watson claim they haven’t received the second part of their Player Impact Program Bonus money from the PGA Tour. The two LIV Golf defectors don’t like it. DeChambeau called it “childish”

DeChambeau spoke out Thursday in an interview ahead of the LIV Golf Championship at Trump Doral, Miami. He stated that he chose to remain a plaintiff in LIV Golf’s federal antitrust suit against the Tour because he wasn’t paid $1.75million of his $3.5million bonus money for finishing fifth in the PIP standings 2021.

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DeChambeau stated, “It’s no about the money; its about the principle.” It’s how you handle situations.

According the interview with ESPN DeChambeau claimed that he received his first payment in February. The second payment was contingent on DeChambeau participating in an event on the Tour that he had not played in the previous four seasons. This was to increase field strength in an event that lacked star power and also make an appearance at a charity event.

To fulfill the first requirement, DeChambeau played in the Valero Texas Open. He won eight times on Tour, including the 2020 U.S. Open. ESPN reported that he attempted to tick the second box by attending a Dallas charity event for First Tee next month. DeChambeau claimed that he was not a Tour member anymore and his appearance would not fulfill the requirement.

DeChambeau stated that they told DeChambeau that because you aren’t in good standing, we won’t allow you to help junior golfers and junior golfers. “To me, that’s childish. It only shows their emotional state. It is something I understand and respect. However, when you have completed something and provided entertainment last year, that’s why I am in the lawsuit.”

DeChambeau joined LIV Golf in June 10, shortly after stating that he did not intend to leave the Tour and that he wanted the opportunity to play against the best golfers around the world. Multiple reports claim that he was offered a guaranteed contract for more than $125million, which DeChambeau confirmed via podcast appearance.

DeChambeau was one of the 11 LIV Golf players that sued the PGA Tour Aug. 3rd in California. LIV Golf was a plaintiff in the lawsuit on Aug. 28. Eight players, including Phil Mickelson have withdrawn from the lawsuit. Peter Uihlein and Matt Jones are two other former Tour pros who remain plaintiffs alongside DeChambeau.

DeChambeau stated, “It’s been really frustrating over the past six years that [the PGA Tour] has had to deal with,” It’s frustrating to see them fail to handle things properly.

Watson confirmed to ESPN that he has not received the second part of his bonus payment. Two-time Masters champion Watson expected to be paid $3 million for placing 10 th in PIP standings. After DeChambeau, he joined LIV Golf but has not been able to play due to a knee injury.

Watson stated, “I haven’t received all my money for something I won two years back.”

Watson claimed that he did not complete the charity component in order to receive the full amount.

Watson stated, “They cancelled on me a few time.” Watson said, “They canceled on me a few times.” They cancelled the event. It’s possible to see that I failed my duty. But I tried.

ESPN asked Watson how much he would lose the $1.5 million he claims he owes, and he replied, “It’s good.” I have been blessed in my entire life. I will be able to eat.”

The PGA Tour gave $40 million to the top PIP finishers. Phil Mickelson ($6million), Dustin Johnson ($3 million) and Brooks Koepka ($3 million each) all finished in the top 10. They have now left the Tour to go for LIV.

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