Bubba Watson, LIV’s Bubba Watson, says that golf is at an all-time high. Let’s not mess with it.

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March 17, 2023

MARANA (Ariz.) — It is a celebration when someone scores four home runs, 50 points, or throws seven touchdown passes.

Bubba Watson wants “to know why” someone shoots 10 under three consecutive days.

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Watson stated, “The sport has reached an all-time high. Let’s not mess with it, and let’s just keep growing it.”

Watson is among those who are unhappy with the U.S.’s modified golf ball plan. The Golf Association and R&A could see tours with a new ball travel further than the current one.

The USGA and R&A found a way for everyone to come together in a time where golf is divided with LIV rivaling that of the PGA Tour. What is the last time Brandel Chamblee and Bryson deChambeau came to an agreement on anything?

Or Watson, who is the LIV Golf League team captain, and Justin Thomas?

Watson replied, “Justin Thomas,” when Watson was asked about his thoughts regarding the change that would reduce the distance by approximately 15 yards for longest hits. “I do not like it. He said it pretty much as he intended.

The USGA and R&A would not implement this rule until 2026. This would have a significant impact on Watson’s game when he was at his peak. Watson, 44, is still a long-distance driver. His average drive was 315.2 miles in 2007. He also led driving distance statistics for the 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2012 seasons.

Watson said, “Just because you hit it farther does not mean it will go straighter.” Bryson was not under any pressure, Watson said. Although he still hits it further than everyone else, he dialed back his speed because he realized that your misses are farther. Because I’ve been working with this for a while, your misses are further away.

DeChambeau also plays for the LIV Golf league and led the PGA Tour’s driving distance in 2020-2021. In the 2019-20 season, he broke the 17-year-old PGA Tour record of 322.1 yards per drive.

DeChambeau said that it was a great handicap for the guys who have worked hard to improve their ability to hit the ball farther. I can see the logic if it affects only the top end. It’s still the most horrible thing you can do to golf. It’s not about rolling the golf balls back, it’s about making golf more difficult.

“Everyone wants to see people go further. This is why so many people love what I do. I am all about equality. This is not where I am about equality.

Watson and his LIV team members agree that if the governing bodies (including LIV) say you have to play a different ball, they will.

Harold Varner III stated, “Everyone is mad at what’s happening.” “But they can tell us to play a football, so we will play that ball. It’s very simple.

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