Bubba Watson says this is the reason he hasn’t received his full PGA Tour PIP Payment

Nov, 2022

Bryson is back in the news.

The 2020 US Open champion is often in the news, whether it’s being part of LIV, challenging the World Long Drive Championship,, or trying to make it under the gallery roof.

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The 29-year old is a highly-seller, which was evident when the Player Impact Program was launched.

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The program rewarded the top players who generated the most interest in PGA Tour via social media, internet searches and other exposure tools. DeChambeau earned $3.5 million for finishing fifth on the table.

DeChambeau stated that it was not about the money at the Miami LIV event. It’s about principle .”

He doesn’t use it and says he doesn’t want it in his hands.

“I have completed that calendar year. DeChambeau stated that he was fifth on the list and had completed all of it. “We scheduled something for November without knowing this was going to occur,” DeChambeau added. It happened and I don’t have the money. That’s okay with me. I wish that the PGA Tour could get that money and do something with it. I would do it the same way. I pledge to do the same for junior golf em>

Bubba Watson, a fellow LIV signee, also claims that the PGA Tour owes money to him for placing 10th in the initial standings.

According a report in SI.com the PGA Tour cancelled an appearance of the two-time Masters champion, casting doubt on his claim to $1.5 million.

According to the report, Watson was scheduled to attend a sponsor’s event at TPC Sawgrass (an obligation to collect his PiP payment), but the PGA Tour cancelled the appearance, despite saying they would reschedule.

Watson assures Watson that he has never cancelled anything. Watson says, “I was going somewhere on my own dime. They canceled me several times.”

The 43-year old spoke out to The Times about his frustration with the PGA Tour’s hypocrisy.

“Everybody can make money from Saudi Arabia, but it’s not permitted for individuals.” Why is this OK for them but not for Bubba Watson?

He continued,

“The PGA Tour is trying to protect their almighty dollar by not allowing others to play in or have events in the US. It’s a shameful and hypocritical situation in which we find ourselves in the world of our sport and in our world.

As for the controversy over money-before-heritage:

“Well, when i was on the PGA Tour I was getting paid money to appear at events sponsored by sponsors. Bubba Watson, as I am not as well-known as them, got the same amount or maybe less than me.

“It makes my heart laugh when people say such things. It is so hypocritical. These players are guaranteed to make money. It’s not possible to see it in the real world.”

With the PGA Tour offering increased payments next season, players who are considering jumping ship may be influenced by Watson’s comments.

“They [PGA Tour PiP] still owe $1.5m. They asked me to do everything, but I didn’t get the second half.

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