Bushnell/Golfweek NJCAA Coaches Polls: Hutchinson and South Mountain remain at the top of the men’s golf rankings

By Fly Pin High |
October 29, 2022

Hutchinson is still No.1 in the Oct. 28 Bushnell/Golfweek NJCAA Division I Coaches Poll, having received four first-place votes. New Mexico JC is No. 1 with three first-place votes, 59 points and three first-place votes. Top five: Odessa, Dodge City and Midland round out the list.

The top 10 include Eastern Florida State and Western Texas. McLennan, McLennan and Central Alabama. Other voters included Barton CC and Garden City, Jefferson State and Ranger.

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Div. I


Team (First-place votes)


1 Hutchinson 67 1
2 New Mexico JC (3) 59 2
T-3 Dodge City 39 5
T-3 Midland 39 T-7
5 Odessa 37 4
T-6 Eastern Florida State 33 3
T-6 Western Texas 33 T-7
T-8 Indian Hills 28 10
T-8 McLennan 28 6
10 Central Alabama 16 9

Others receiving votes: Barton CC (3); Garden City (1); Jefferson State (1); Ranger (1).

Div. II

South Mountain (AZ), received two first-place votes, and 37 points to reach the top of the Oct. 28 Bushnell/Golfweek NJCAA Division II Coaches Poll. Glendale received two first-place votes and 35 point, Kirkwood got 31 points and Parkland got 27 points. The Cougars were within 10 points.

Top 10: Iowa Central, Southeast (NE), Walters State and Mississippi Gulf Coast, Meridian, Sandhills. This is the first appearance of 2022/23.

Others who received votes were Abraham Baldwin, Cleveland State CC and Northeast Mississippi, Des Moines Area and Northeast


University (First Prize Votes)


1 South Mountain (2) 37 1
2 Glendale (2) 35 T-3
3 Kirkwood 31 T-3
4 Parkland 27 2
5 Iowa Central 17 T-7
6 Southeast (NE). 16 RV
7 Walters State 14 5
8 Mississippi Gulf Coast 12 9
9 Meridian 10 6
10 Sandhills 6 NR


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