Callaway unveils Great Big Bertha line-up

Oct, 2022

Callaway Golf today announced its new Great Big Bertha club family.

The lineup includes drivers, hybrids, fairway woodens and irons. All will be available for purchase starting November 11, 2022.

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Great Big Bertha Driver

The Great Big Bertha driver weighs in at nearly 30g less than the Rogue ST MAX driver.

Callaway engineers combined a lightweight Triaxial Carbon Crown and a Forged Carbon Sole to increase the MOI. The engineers made the CG lighter and more comfortable by moving it lower.

A Jailbreak Speed Frame, powered by A.I., is included with the driver. in order to provide enhanced stability both horizontally and torsional. This stability promotes increased ball speed across all areas of the face.

Callaway also now includes spin optimization in its A.I., which is the best in the industry. Face technology. This new formula aims to increase ball speed and decrease spin to increase total range.

  • Available Lofts 9deg-10.5deg, and 12deg
  • Pricing: $699.99

Bertha Irons – Great Big Bertha

Callaway leveraged materials normally reserved for drivers to generate up to 96g discretionary weight. This weight was precisely repositioned in their new irons to increase launch, forgiveness and weight.

The Great Big Bertha iron has the most thin titanium face that the brand has ever used for an iron. It’s also the lightest. The Commercially Pure Grade 4 (CP4) Titanium Body flexes more at impact then traditional steel and works with the thinner face to transmit more energy to the ball.

Tungsten Speed Cartridge contains up to 145g high-density, tungsten. This is designed to increase speed and launch. Callaway has the highest center of gravity in an iron. This tungsten level is 133% higher than Rogue ST Max, and the highest ever in a Callaway iron.

The face of forged titanium is designed to improve speed and spin consistency. Meanwhile, the brand’s urethane microscopics aim to increase sound quality and provide a soft feel. However, the microspheres allow the face to flex more for greater ball speed.

  • Lofts Available: 4-SW
  • Pricing: $449.99/stick

Great Big Bertha Fairway Woods

The Great Big Bertha Fairway Woods’ head is composed of 53% discretionary weight. It features a titanium body and face. Callaway was able to save weight and create a more accommodating footprint.

Through A.I., the titanium face has been optimized to fit each fairway woodhead. For increased ball speed and consistency, this powerful design is ideal. Callaway’s Jailbreak with Batwing Technology enables the face to move at high speeds while maintaining stiffness around the perimeter.

The fairway woods have a lighter and stronger triaxial carbon crown, which helps to save weight. Forged Carbon soles also help in weight savings. They move the CG in design to create a slight draw bias. Callaway engineers used 50g of internal Tungsten and a 15g steel plate to make the sole lighter for a smoother launch.

  • Lofts Available: 3w-5w, 7w-7w, 9w
  • Price: $4999.99 per unit

Great Big Bertha Hybrids

Callaway engineers used a titanium body and face in their Great Big Bertha hybrids. This resulted in 100g of discretionary weight savings. This weight was then distributed in the design to improve ball speed, increase forgiveness, and promote easy launch.

A.I. has uniquely optimized the titanium face. In an effort to improve ball speed and consistency in hybrid constructions, particularly on off-center hits, the titanium face has been optimized through A.I. The A.I. is the first hybrid to use this technology. Jailbreak with Batwing Technology was designed to improve stiffness around the perimeter and allow the face to move at high speeds.

A lighter and stronger Triaxial Carbon Crown is also more weight-saving than a traditional steel crown. Forged Carbon sole plates also help in weight savings. They move the CG to create a slight draw bias. This weight savings is then carefully redistributed to encourage high launch and greater forgiveness.

Due to the large amount of titanium weight, Callaway engineers redistributed upto 78g between the sole plate and internal tungsten in an effort to increase ball speeds and launch times.

  • Lofts Available: 3H-4H, 5H-6H, 6H-7H, 7H-8H
  • Pricing: $449.99 per unit

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