Cameron Champ’s Ping PLD Anser Longneck Putters

By Fly Pin High |
May 3, 2023

Cameron Champ was seen with two Ping PLD Anser puttingters at the Wells Fargo 2023. Both have a long plumbers’ neck which should reduce a bit of toe-hang for a better face-balanced feeling. Each putter has a site line for alignment on the topline and plenty of lead tape in the sole. Each putter has “BECKS”, etched in white and painted on the back neck. Cameron and his spouse are expecting their child and plan to use the name “Beckham”, therefore Becks is a great nickname.

The putter appears to be black with a milled face, but there are no visible weights of tungsten in the bumpers. The shaft is black and a Winn 15-inch long pistol putter grip is also installed.

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The Ping patina is a brownish-rusty finish on the other putter. It also has a deeper milling of the face. Four tungsten weights are installed on the rear bumpers, and there is a lot more lead tape applied to the sole. This will increase the headweight. We don’t know the exact weight, but it is likely to be much heavier than stock. This putter has the same grip and a steel shaft.

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