Clement: How to get a good, accurate swing in-to-out!

Swinging in to out is so much easier when you do this! This is the most overlooked detail on why you can’t stay with your swing and come over the top; follow this simple blueprint towards solid strikes and compressed draws!

Clement: It’s hard to hit the driver badly when you’re doing this

Mu and I go through the swing of the driver in slow motion to show the difference between hitting at the ball and then trying to move it to target versus collecting the ball from the top of the tee and releasing it into the flight plan. Check out the video to learn what this […]

Explaining the unique tipping of Fujikura’s Axiom iron shafts and how golfers benefit

Fujikura’s new Axiom iron shaft line utilizes the same VeloCore Technology featured in both Ventus and Ventus TR shafts, and the unique tipping properties of Axiom shafts allow more of that technology to function in the shaft where golfers need it most. As a refresher VeloCore technology is a multi-material bias core construction technique designed […]

Clement: Tee it high and let it fly for 30 more yards of carry!

With all the low spinning drivers out there, learning the skill of teeing it high to let it fly can be a real amazing asset to have; and Moe Norman was the best ever at doing this. Moe was know for hitting drivers off of glass Coke bottles without ever taking a bead of glass […]