Cobra T-Rail Hybrid Iron Combo set

Nov, 2022

Gear: Cobra T–Rail Hybrid iron Combo set price: $999 (4-hybrid pitching wedge, 5-iron through pitching) with Cobra Ultralite graphite shafts. Lamkin Crossline grips

Specifications: Hollow-bodied and hybrid irons come with stainless steel bodies, faces, and railed soles.

Available: Nov. 4

Who it’s for: Slower swinging golfers who have trouble generating ball speed, distance, and height from the fairway tees on par 3.

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The skinny: Cobra’s T–Rail Hybrid Iron Combo set combines hybrids with hollow-bodied irons to produce higher ball speeds and a greater flight. Their unique railed-sole design aids in overcoming poor contact.

The Deep Dive: While elite golfers like Rickie Fowler, Lexi Thompson and Bryson deChambeau are fast and make consistent contact with their iron shots almost every time, new players and those who struggle to generate clubhead speed have inconsistent contact and unpredictable results. The pros want equipment to give them more control, so they can curve the ball more easily. However, many amateurs just want to hit the ball more consistently, get the ball higher into the air, and maybe go a little further.

The T-Rail hybrid iron combo set, was created to replace long-handling irons with unique hybrids that are easier to use and combine them with smaller irons.

T-Rail’s Hybrid Iron Combo Set comes standard with a 4-hybrid iron club, instead of a long one. (Cobra)

The hollow clubs allow for more flexibility at impact and the hitting area to be more efficient. Cobra designed the T-Rail hybrid iron combo set with a variable-thickness H.O.T Face insert to maximize trampoline effect. It is designed with artificial intelligence and has thicker areas in certain spots than others. Cobra claims that the sweet spot is 30% larger. This should result in greater consistency for players who are inconsistent with their contact and miss their iron shots.

The Baffler Split Rail system at the bottom of every club allows players to maintain their speed in the hitting area. The rails act as skid plates and allow the clubs to skim through the turf easier. This means that if a player swings steeply, the club will contact the ground first, rather than the ball, the club is less likely to dig, which can result in a shot that isn’t very far. Hollowing in the front of each rail makes the sole and lower hitting areas more flexible, allowing for a better launch on low-struck shots.

Irons from the Cobra T-Rail Hybrid Iron Combo Set are mini hybrids with hollow bodies and railed soles. (Cobra)

T-Rail’s Hybrid Iron Combo Set includes a hybrid iron and a hybrid iron. The 5-iron through pitching wedge is a 4-hybrid iron. A women’s version is composed of two hybrids (4 & 5) and five irons (6-iron thru pitching wedge). For the standard and women’s sets, a gap wedge and sandwedge are also available.

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