Did Phil Mickelson wager on the 2012 Ryder Cup? Billy Walters, a gambler and author, reveals his secrets in a new book

Aug, 2023

Phil Mickelson placed a large bet on the U.S. Ryder Cup winning in 2012.

This is what noted gambler Billy Walters claims in an excerpt from his forthcoming book, “Gambler : Secrets from A Life at Risk.”

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Walters, once considered one of the best sports bettors in the United States, and Mickelson entered into a betting agreement around 2008, which lasted for five years. Walters was sentenced in 2017 to five-years in prison after he was found guilty of conspiring to commit insider trades from 2008 to 2014. He was also fined $10,000,000 and sentenced to a five-year prison term.

Walters claimed in an excerpt from the book that was published on Thursday by Golf Digest and Fire Pit Collective that Mickelson had called him at Medinah Country Club, near Chicago, the site of the 39 th Ryder Cup. Mickelson asked Walters to wager $400,000 for him, along with Tiger Woods and other team members, to bet the U.S. to win.

Phil Mickelson speaks to Keegan Brad on the 12th hole during a Ryder Cup foursomes match in Medinah Country Club, Illinois. (Photo: Charlie Riedel/Associated Press).

“I couldn’t believe what I heard, ‘Have You Lost Your Fucking Mind? Do you not remember what happened with Pete Rose? Walters refers to the former Cincinnati Reds’ manager, who was banned from playing baseball after he bet on his team.

Walter went on to tell the story. “You are seen as a contemporary Arnold Palmer.” Walter added, “You would risk all of that for this?” I don’t want to be involved.

Walters replied, “Alright. Alright.” Mickelson then responded.

Walters continues to state that he cannot confirm whether Mickelson made the wager elsewhere.

Walters wrote: “I hope he has come to his senses. Especially in light of the ‘Miracle at Medinah’.”

Team Europe came back from a 10-six deficit on the final singles day to win 14 1/2 to 13, matching the biggest comeback in Ryder Cup (Team USA, 1999).

Justin Rose tied the match with a long-range putt to win Mickelson’s singles match. Mickelson left the green in shock, shaking his head. Rose also won 18 and turned the match to his advantage.

After a singles match, USA’s Phil Mickelson congratulates Europe Justin Rose at Medinah Country Club.

Walters is unsure whether Mickelson made such a large bet on the Ryder Cup. However, he says that Mickelson lost more than $100 million in gambling, as opposed to the $40 million he had previously estimated.

He gives details, such as the fact that Mickelson made “3,154 bets in 2011, an average of almost nine bets per day. On one day (June 22, 2011), he placed 43 bets for major-league baseball matches, which resulted in a loss of $143,500. And he also made 7,065 bets in football, basketball and baseball.

The Walters biography, which will also go into greater detail about the insider-trading charges that led to his imprisonment, is scheduled to be released on August 22. Mickelson agreed to repay $1.03million, including interest and profit, as a relief defendant.


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