Golf world fuming at the latest display of poor etiquette at women’s college events

Mar, 2023

There are rules for golf, some set in stone and others that are still unofficial. The most important thing is how the golfers behave on the course.

We published the “Top five unwritten golf rules” almost three years ago. Clear at number one was ” Do not walk on a putting or through-line line.”

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However, the past week has seen some instances where it was clear that these situations don’t follow the etiquette to get anywhere near the line of the putt until it’s dead.

Twitter users engaged in a heated debate about an incident that occurred at a women’s college game. After a short clip of a player walking between the moving ball and the cup, there were many comments. The recording prompted almost universal condemnation that this move was an absolute no-no.

Another debate has erupted after an ex-professional lambasted a player who lined up her putt ahead of her competitors – right next to the hole!

Tom Gillis lost to Jordan Spieth in a play-off at the John Deere Classic. He showed the clip with the simple header ” No way!“.

Tony Johnstone, Sky pundit, was quick to point out that Orange Top girl needed a lesson in etiquette. It would have been a fight if someone did it back in our time.”

Todd Bailey, a fellow PGA Tour Champions player, joined Gillis to question the priorities of future professional players, and question their fair play. Maria Hjorth, five-time LPGA winner, asked:

“Couldn’t you imagine what the players would have said about us on the lpga tour if this ????? “Wouldn’t it be nice words?”

There were also those who defended the action. Many of them justified the acceleration of the game, another hotly debated issue.

Twitter user Alan Barrett summarized his feelings with this opinion:

This is only one of many unwritten rules!

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