GolfWRXers: Long irons or hybrids? Discuss the topic

Nov, 2022

Members of our forums have been discussing which long irons or hybrids would be the best for the better player.

WRXer MikeDeJong33 plays off a handicap and is looking to swap out his long iron for a hybrid. Our members have been sharing their experiences and advice in our forum.

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These are just a few of the posts in the thread. But, make sure you check out the whole discussion and leave your thoughts at the link below.

  • Lumpy930: I made the change earlier in the year and lost a 4 iron. Hybrids are easier to launch high and offer more versatility. You will need to adjust, but you can get better with higher cuts for approach shots and flatter shots for tee shots. Refer to the one handicap with 110mph driver swing speed. I didn’t feel fast enough to hit 4 iron, so I used the hybrid. 27* 5 Iron and Titleist hybrid at 25 *.”

  • jvincent wrote: “I will offer my counter opinion. I have a 4i still in my bag. Do I seem to be less consistent with it than with a 4H? Probably. The 4i has a better trajectory control than my 3H. I reach for my 4i .”

  • Outnumbered: “I switched to hybrids to replace my 3&4 irons several years ago, and am currently looking for a 5 iron replacement. The yardage gaps have closed and now allow for a better landing angle to help greens stay put. I am a 6 in index and have similar yardages. If they help me score higher, I will happily wear a bouquet of headcovers. I fear that 6 iron will be replaced someday as it is my low escape club .”

  • jomatty said: “It was an easy decision for me. Your handicap is very similar to mine. I can’t gape a 4 iron with my 5 iron. I felt more confident that every 200ish shot would be acceptable when I switched to a 4-hybrid. You are more consistent with your misses. I have found the trick to finding one that doesn’t swing left. Some don’t behave well with my swing span>

Thread: “Long Irons vs Hybrids for the Better Player – GolfWRXers Discuss

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