Greg Norman has a bold plan for 2023 LIV golf signings

Nov, 2022

Greg Norman, CEO of LIV Golf, has completed the inaugural season. He now turns his attention to 2023.

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“The Shark” spoke to the media and stated that the current priority was to find more top-end talent to play in the LIV Golf season.

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“Basically we’re looking at maybe seven players.”

When Norman was asked “We’re speaking Top 10, Top 20 players?” Norman replied.

“Yes. Both. You said both.

Earlier this week, The Guardian reported that PGA Tour stars Xander Schaffele and Patrick Cantlay might be moving to LIV in the next season.

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Norman did not name players, but he said that he believes there are plenty of incentives for players to “be free” and join LIV.

“Quite honestly, even though the outsiders are able to see the LIV happening today, these guys still communicate with each other. LIV players feel liberated. We’re talking to players on the PGA Tour who want to be freed.

According to the CEO, most of last year’s field will return in 2023.

“The percentage of players who will return probably – quick math – 85-90% of the players, I would guess.”

The LIV Golf schedule will be expanded to 14 tournaments next season and the total prize money will increase to $405 Million.

Greg Norman and Atul Khosla, president of LIV, have both spoken out about the importance of securing sponsors and a U.S. television contract before season two gets underway.

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