‘Handicap down 7: Should I get rid of the GI irons?”

Mar, 2023

Members have been discussing when and if it’s a good time to stop using game improvement irons in our forums . ThreePuttForPar has recently got the golf bug again, and is now able to reach out to our members to say:

Titleist T300 was the one that I settled on after I caught the bug once more. I shot high 80s to mid-90s depending on the course. However, I am able to break 80 every once in a while when playing on more difficult courses.

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I love T300’s forgiveness, distance and kindness. This is especially true when I first got back into it. Now, I find the face more often. I am thinking about something like the Srixon ZX5/7 or Miz 225, Jpx pro and P770/p790, i525…

In 25 years of playing golf, I have never been “custom fit”. To “fit myself”, I have always used the Roger Dunn 90-day return policy. I keep changing clubs until I find what I like.

Are there any other people who have blown the dust off their game using GI irons, and then moved back to mid-playerish stout irons? What other benefits did you notice? Are custom fittings really worth the effort if you are near a shop that sells off-the-rack sets?

Our members have been sharing their views on the topic in our forum.

These are just a few of the posts in the thread. But, make sure you check out the whole discussion and leave your thoughts at the link below.

  • chinaski: Get some irons to test the grass. Turf interaction is far more important than forgiveness. If you are having trouble with launch, or are constantly hitting the toe span>, GI will not help.

  • Is golf fun or work? “I’ve played with people using GI irons that were near perfect. Why alter what has been working ?”

  • Golfinbrad: There is nothing wrong with fitting. It can be fun and educational to try different head/shaft combinations. I wouldn’t recommend entering with the idea that I’m buying a new set. You can feel how they feel, and then look at what you have. Congratulations on lowering your handicap. However, that doesn’t mean you should abandon the GIs. If you’re hitting them well, I recommend that you keep them until you find something better. It is not the same thing as replacing irons .”

Entire Thread: “Handicap down 7 should I abandon the GI irons?” ‘”

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