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Oct, 2022

Hatch Golf is a company that has been creating some amazing accessories and headcovers for many years. Sean Farrell, a designer by profession, combined his passion for creating graphics with his love for golf to create Hatch. Hatch offers unique products for golfers. Hatch Golf focuses on smaller runs and limited editions of its headcovers, which sell quickly. Listen to Sean’s entire conversation on the podcast links below. Search GolfWRX Radio.

Sean shared how his Michigan-based business started as a hobby. He was still coming up with the designs. He would then send the designs to a manufacturer, who would create the cover. His supplier was no longer accepting orders of any size. Sean bought the equipment and built a warehouse in order to make his Hatch accessories. Hatch has become a full-time career. His brother-in law works full-time with him to create new products.

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Hatch Golf’s headcovers are worth checking out if you don’t know what they do. These covers are intricately embroidered and have a lot of detail. Sean quickly explained that any headcover you put on must withstand everyday abuse and use. Headcovers can be damaged by the sun’s UV rays and being tossed from one bag to another. Hatch uses only the best materials like marine-grade fabrics to make sure that cool designs last for years indoors or in the bag.

Sean shared with me that he has a “shortlist” of over a thousand ideas for future covers. Sean draws inspiration from almost anything and wants to make covers that resemble the Fast and Furious movie’s car graphics. However, cars are only one inspiration. Pop culture and the hottest social media trends can also influence and inspire design. Some releases are more planned, such as covers that are based on holidays or majors. Hatch will be releasing several covers in a matter of days this Halloween, which he is very excited about. These limited edition releases only have 20-50 blades or mallets. This is for a few reasons. Hatch would prefer to have many designs and options instead of making 250 or 500 copies of one design. Customers have more choices and, if one design doesn’t excite them enough, there are always other options. These covers are more collectible and appreciated by those who get them. Sean explained that they won’t re-run covers designs once they are finished.

Hatch’s popularity is growing, and we are seeing more Hatch covers out there in the wild. Sean said that it’s still quite strange to see Hatch products in the bags of golfers and meet Hatch fans. Hatch has hosted a few events that brought together collectors and fans to show off their gear and play some golf. Sean and his team find these events very humble as they didn’t expect to have so many collectors who love to show off their collections. One collector spent hours changing the head covers on nearly every hole in order to have a display of all his collectibles. These experiences are proof that Hatch should be true to their craft and put the customer’s experience first.

It’s amazing that Hatch Golf is a local company doing great work. Sean clearly loves what he does, and the game of golf. I asked Sean about WITB, and he shared some of his favorite games when he’s out on the course. Hatch Golf is worth a look if you like accessories and the headcover side of golf.


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