“I must whip it out” – Michael Douglas makes a wild bet while golfing with Catherine Zeta Jones

Mar, 2023

Michael Douglas revealed that he and Catherine Zeta Jones, his wife of 20 years, still have a side bet during their time on the course.

Both are avid golfers. Zeta Jones appears in Bleacher Report article of the 8 celebrities we’d love a round with,” back in 2014.

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A few years later, the actor revealed to the BBC’s Graham Norton Show she can “kick her ass” in golf. They have that side bet,

“We bet that if he doesn’t hit a shot and can’t get his ball over the ladies’ tee, he will have to take his pants off on course… expose himself somehow.”

While it may be more common with Douglas, Zeta Jones stated that it is not only my husband, but any man I play.

They take care to not be seen by cameramen. She confirms, “There was an issue with paparazzi, so I make him head into the bushes.” “A deal is a bargain.”

In a Q&A with The Guardian, the 78 year-old winner two Academy Awards, confirmed that the wagers continue.

Answering a reader’s question, Douglas replied:

“The rules say that I must whip it out if it doesn’t get past the ladies’ tees. I manage this most of the time. There have been occasions when she’s playing by herself and I had to show her some respect because we have competitive. Only when I play with my wife .

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