Jack Nicklaus drops surprising news regarding Tiger’s playing future

Mar, 2023

Most people in golf have speculated that when Tiger Woods stops competing on the PGA Tour, his playing days will be over.

However, while on Nick Faldo’s new podcast, “Sir Nick’s Round Table Chats”, Jack Nicklaus revealed that Tiger told him he’d be playing on the Champions Tour when he turns 50.

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“Obviously, poor Tiger, unfortunately. I commented after the dreadful accident, when people were saying, oh, he’s going to do this and do that, I said he’s got to be able to walk again,” Faldo said. “Poor fella. And it doesn’t sound good right now.”

“I don’t think he’s ever really going to play — he’s going to play the majors,” said Jack.  “And he actually can still hit the ball pretty well.”

“Oh, he hits it solid, but he can’t walk,” Faldo said.

“But he can’t walk. He can’t walk,” Nicklaus said. “And I told him, Tiger, you’re eligible to take a cart. He says, I’m not going to do that. He says, when I get to the senior tour, I will.”

“Oh. He’s actually thinking he would come back out at 50?” Faldo asked.

“He wants to play the senior tour,” Nicklaus replied.

“Wow. How about that?” Faldo said.

“Well, he’s a competitor,” Nicklaus said.

“That’s probably a secret,” Faldo said.

Nicklaus didn’t reveal when Woods informed him of his interest to play on the senior circuit, but it seems as if it was sometime after Woods’ accident.

Tiger is still just 47 years old, so he has a few years before he will make a decision, but the fact that he’d consider playing beyond 50 is a bit surprising.

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