James Hahn is mad about the changes to the PGA Tour, and he’s not afraid to tell you why

Mar, 2023

James Hahn is insane. Hahn is like the TV newscaster from the movie Network. Hahn is mad about the changes to the PGA Tour 2024.

Hahn stated that he hates them during a telephone interview with Golfweek, which was interrupted by his gym workout. “I’m going to say exactly what 99.99% of fans said about players departing for the LIV Tour. I would have more respect for our players if they said that we’re just doing it for the money. They are trying to hide what they are doing, and making it about fans and sponsors. It’s all BS, I believe.

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“All the big names who are talking about this “new product” would have more respect if they just said, “Hey, this is for the money,” I’d have a lot less to do with them.

They’re not saying anything, but they are covering their ears and trying to pretend that it’s not about money. Everyone knows 100% it’s about guaranteed money flowing to the best players in the world. For the past two years, we’ve been discussing money and it’s hard for them to not say that this is not the No. It’s hypocritical to suggest that they are making these changes for one reason:

Hahn was only getting ready to go. On Wednesday, Max Homa, a Cal alum, said that he might go on about the changes. He did and it lasted more than four minutes. Hahn was very busy and spoke for over 45 minutes Thursday. He touched on many topics. So, let’s get after it.


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