Jim Nantz claims he would like to call the Masters 51 times, however bizarre that may sound.

Nov, 2022

Jim Nantz announced that he will call his Final Four next spring.

The voice of the Masters has an idea about when he will make the last drive down Magnolia Lane to report on the event for CBS Sports.

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“The Masters, I would love to do it 51 more times,” he stated during a Tuesday appearance on the Dan Patrick show. “My 51st Masters would mark the 100th edition of the Masters. I would love to be there to witness the end of the first hundred years. This is just an idea that I have in my head.

“I’m done with 37, so I have 14 more to go, hopefully.”

Patrick asked, “Did your Masters just announce you retirement?”

Nantz smiled and said, “I did.” (It should be noted, however, that Nantz has been publicly claiming this plan for almost 10 years since Jack Whitaker’s famous broadcaster noted that the 2036 Masters would mark the 100th tournament.

If all goes well, golf fans will hear Nantz, 63 repeat his Masters catchphrase ‘Hello, friends’ 14 times more.

He’s about to leave college basketball’s premier event, but he intends to call NFL games on CBS with Tony Romo for “hopefully another ten years or so.” Maybe a little more.

Augusta National in April is his most dearest and closest. In 1986, Jack Nicklaus won the sixth and final green jacket. He was the first to work the tournament. In 1989, he was made the tournament’s host.

His golf career would be complete if he finishes in 2036, on the centennial year. The Masters, which was first held in 1934, wasn’t held between 1943-1945 during World War II.

He said, “The Masters to me is the thing that is most deep in my heart.” “I have never picked one sport to be my favorite, but everyone knows that I love the Masters.

It was the only event in my life that I remember when I was eleven years old. I told my parents, “That’s what you want to do one day. I want to be like those voices.” It’s something I have always wanted to do.


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