Jon Rahm’s number one item he wants action on from the PGA Tour is definitely not what you think it is

Aug, 2023

With all of the drama surrounding the PGA Tour at the moment, it’s no surprise that some minor accommodations for the players have gotten lost in the shuffle.

According to Jon Rahm, the PGA Tour events could use a few more bathrooms scattered throughout the golf course.

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“I can tell you right now, my priorities are a lot lower than what a lot of people would think. I know this is going to sound very stupid, but as simple as having a freakin’ porta potty on every hole. I know it sounds crazy, but I can’t choose when I have to go to the bathroom. I’ve told the tour this many times.”

DP World Tour player Eddie Pepperell replied to the tweet to share his thoughts.

Whether it’s his thoughts on the PGA Tour/PIF proposed agreements or his thoughts on porta potties on the golf course, Jon Rahm’s honesty over the course of the year has been refreshing.

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