Kelley: Find out when and how to train.

Nov, 2022

It doesn’t matter what your current swing goals are, it is important to know when you should train your game and when to play on the course. Your scores will be dramatically improved if you are able to change your mindset and know where your focus should be when you play on the course or train your technique.

Training Your Technique

Start by preparing a plan before you go to the driving range. Instead of hitting numerous seven irons without a plan, make a plan and decide what you want to do when practicing. When learning a new technique, pay attention to your body and the club you are using. You should take your time. You need to take your time learning a new move before you can do it quickly. This takes discipline, and it may be difficult to understand contact.

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Slow is a good way to practice different ball-flight shots. This will be covered more in the performance section. Place an alignment stick 5 yards in front of you if you are used to slicing the ball left to right. Then, you can learn to hit the golf ball right to left by drawing the ball around it. This will improve your shaft and face awareness.

Or, you can simply focus your attention on making contact. Take note of where the ball hits the clubhead with each shot. Practice off-speed shots that make contact with the toe, heel, and center of the face. Research has shown that intentionally hitting the ball off-center will improve center contact.

Golfers have limited time and it is important to practice at home. You can simply grab a golf club and practice your swing at home or in the outdoors. This is a great way to slow down your swing and program your brain with the new movement. You can practice looking in a mirror to see how your body moves. You can also stand outside with your shadow in front of it at 12 o’clock and observe the shape of your body as you swing.

Learn to Perform

It is important to score the lowest possible score when playing golf. Although this sounds obvious, it is an important concept that is often forgotten. Your swing will reflect the work you’ve done at home and on the driving range. You should also be focusing on the ball flight and not how your swing looks.

Karl Morris, The Mind Factor, says, “Ask what is wrong about your golf shot, and not with your swing.” This powerful, yet very useful question can be asked on the course. The post-shot routine is as important as your pre-shot routine. You will be able to see what your ball is doing and where you should place your mind for each shot by paying attention. To play great golf, you must be able to adjust to what you have on the course.

Instead of trying to make the swing, which can cause frustration, let the shot create it. To put it another way, think about how the shot feels. This question is open to everyone. It’s important that you practice shaping the ball in your practice sessions so you can adapt on course. This question might lead to a feeling or simple technical thought that you have developed with your coach.

Don’t underestimate your attitude. It is an honor to have the opportunity to play this wonderful game on a golf course. Accept the fact that golf is not a game you can master. There will always be learning curves, even for the most skilled players. This will help you improve your shots and make your bad shots less embarrassing.

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