Lawrence Taylor, NFL Hall of Famer, is now terrorizing golf courses: “Nothing else for my to do but golf.”

Nov, 2022

BOCA RATON (Fla.) — Lawrence Taylor, 63, still knows how to give a shot.

He was playing golf instead of quarterbacks Wednesday.

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The NFL Hall of Fame outside linebacker was a participant in the TimberTech Championship’s PNK DRV pro-am at Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club.

He said, “I play almost every day golf,” “I’m retired. I have nothing to do except play golf.

Taylor claimed he plays at a handicap 5 but admitted that his best days are behind him. He feels like one of the many quarterbacks he has played over the years.

Taylor said that he used to be a really good golfer. I can’t keep up with the practice that I did. Every swing hurts.

Taylor was still having fun, even though he was wearing a “LT” earring with diamonds. Even when he is having a terrible hole.

This was also the case at No. 18 Wednesday. His par-5 tee shot landed in the correct rough. He was in front of a large tree.

He said, “I have no shot.”

The ball struck the middle of the tree, and it ricocheted right. It hit one of the multimillion-dollar Royal Palm homes. Before it could stop, the ball bounced on the upstairs balcony.

The residents will eventually realize that they have a souvenir right outside their back doors. It says 56 LT on the ball.

Taylor laughed and said that “I’m pretty sure there are some people out here looking for to sue me.” “I hit a few balls on people’s balconies today.”

Green Bay Packers quarterback Lynn Dickey gets grabbed by Lawrence Taylor, New York Giants’ linebacker, at Lambeau Field, Green Bay, Wisconsin during the 1985 season. (Photo: Green Bay Press–Gazette Film/USA TODAY Network)

Paul Stankowski, a professional, was paired up with Taylor. He thought he was in good luck when he noticed that one of his amateur players was simply called “LT”.

Stankowski stated, “He’s an amazing guy, lots and fun.” He’s a great player. He’s a large guy with really strong hands. He is a skilled putter and has a great short game.

His swing is not very long, but his body has gone through a lot. He hits the ball with a solid swing and is long enough.

Taylor has been terrorizing NFL quarterbacks for almost 30 years. He spent his entire 13 year career (1981-93) in New York Giants. Taylor was named three times Defensive Player Of The Year. This honor he shares with J.J. Watt, Aaron Donald.

LT is now following the Giants once again

Taylor stated that he had lost touch with the Giants over the years due to their constant struggles but is now “actually back watching some of their games” following a 6-2 start.

Taylor stated, “They’re exciting.” Taylor said, “The defense plays ball and the offense does better. They just need to keep up the good work.

Former Florida Panthers No. 1 pick Ed Jovanovski was among the celebrities who took part in Wednesday’s TimberTech Championship pro-am. Ed Jovanovski was the No. 1 pick, along with former Panthers GM Dale Talon. Kyle Kirkwood is an IndyCar driver.

The TimberTech Championship is the second of three PGA Tour Champions playoff event. It runs Friday through Sunday. Steven Alker is the current champion.

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