LIV Golf’s European Stalwarts Hold Out Hope for Future Ryder Cup Inclusion

Aug, 2023

Henrik Stenson, who was to captain the European Ryder Cup in Italy this summer, has been removed from the role. He joined LIV Golf in the summer of last year and had his captaincy removed.

Sergio Garcia is a Euros veteran who has played in every biennial event since 1999. The 43-year old Spaniard’s current form might not have led him to a spot on the roster as the all-time leader in points – 28.5, with a record of 25-13-7 – but he would be an easy choice for vice captain. Then he resigned from his DP World Tour membership and removed himself from consideration.

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Due to their own choices, neither player will attend the Marco Simone Golf and Country Club in Rome from Sept. 29 to Oct. 1 to help the Europeans win the Cup. Both players are still hopeful that they will wear the blue and gold in future matches.

“Yes, of course I would.” Garcia said, “It’s disappointing that I won’t be able be a part of the Ryder Cup and DP World Tour this year. “But, it is what is. The fact that I am happy with where I am doesn’t alter.

“But we will see what happens.”

“I hope. Stenson added, “I hope we can see some sort of a different future in the future, whether it involves me or the other guys.” It’s a lot to speculate about, so I’ll wait and see. We’ll determine if we can be involved in the future if things change, as I hope they do.

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“Yeah. We’ve discussed it a lot, him and me. Everyone knows that I am a huge fan of the Ryder Cup, and how many bonds we have been able build in these Ryder Cups. Jon is not any different. We had an amazing time. “We are obviously good friends and our friendship got stronger after the Ryder Cup,” said Garcia. It’s going to be sad, yes. I’ll miss him too.”

Stenson hasn’t talked about the matches with other players too much, pointing out that everyone understands the current situation, as the PGA Tour continues to work on details of the framework agreement for a new entity to be created to bring together the divided professional golf game. The 47-year old Swede, who has a 10-7-2 record in his five appearances as captain, still plans to attend the next month’s action.

Ryder Cup was a major part of my professional career. The Ryder Cup has given me some of the best golfing memories, and many of my closest friendships have been formed through the Ryder Cup. Yeah, I’ll follow. Stenson said, “I’m also a golf enthusiast, and I will follow the scores.” Stenson said, “I’m a golf fan, too, and I will follow the scores.” I already know how the bags will look.

He said that if you have been a part of something, and you are no longer a part of it, you will miss certain aspects. But I will follow and support you from afar.

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