“Not sure it’s possible play any faster” – It was a tense exchange between Kevin Na and Ian Poulter at the LIV presser

Oct, 2022

This week, the LIV Golf series returns to Trump National Doral Golf Course as the final stop of the inaugural season of the tour.

This week’s event is different from previous ones staged by the Saudi-backed Tour. It includes both stroke and match play.

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In a similar changeup, Ian Poulter replaced Lee Westwood to be the Majesticks GC team captain.

At the pre-tournament conference press conference, the Majesticks as well as the Iron Heads, led Captain Kevin Na, held their press conferences together. Things got a bit awkward.

The clip below shows Na trying to make fun of Lee Westwood’s age. Ian Poulter replied that Westy was a former World Number One.

After some back-and forths, Kevin Na was brought up. Poulter then decided to take on Na’s play.

It could take him some time to get a few steps in. It usually does ,”, said Poulter. This was met with awkward reactions and a lot of oohing from the others in attendance.

“We’ll allow that one stew for a bit,” stated the moderator, trying to get the conversation moving. But when Kevin Na jokingly asked official Slugger white “Play slower on purpose?” Poulter went for the knockout blow and said “I don’t think it’s possible to be any slower, Kev.”

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