Patrick Cantlay discusses pace of play criticism and why he hired Tiger Woods’ former caddie Joe LaCava

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May 3, 2023

Patrick Cantlay has been on the front pages of newspapers a lot recently . Some days, for better reasons.

Cantlay, an eight-time winner of the PGA Tour, has been the focus of players and fans upset by the pace of play on professional golf. This week, Cantlay made headlines again, this time because he hired Joe LaCava to be his caddie, the former long-time caddie for Tiger Woods .

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“He has a steady grip on the wheel.” I know that he has been a caddie in all the situations a person could find themselves in, and he is a great guy. Cantlay said, “I’ve really enjoyed my limited time with him. I feel confident that our team will be successful.” He added that he had not spoken to Woods about his decision. “When I reached Joe, he told me it was possible. It ended up working out. I’m very happy about it.”

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Cantlay has split from veteran caddie Matt Minister. Minister was with Cantlay when he won 2021 FedEx Cup, and was named PGA Tour’s Player of the Year following the Zurich Classic of New Orleans last month.

Cantlay said, “Yeah we achieved a lot together. I’m proud of what we did.” “He is a good friend of mine, and we have had many great finishes and wins together.” So I am incredibly grateful to his, just needed a break.”

LaCava was Woods’ bagman since 2011. The pair won 11 official tournaments, including the 2019 Masters. He was also Cantlay’s caddie at the 2021 Northern Trust, when Minister was away with COVID-19.

Patrick Cantlay watches from the 16th hole during the first round at the Northern Trust, first event of FedExCup Playoffs on August 19, 2020 in Jersey City, New Jersey. (Photo: Sarah Stier/Getty Images).

LaCava, the best caddy on Tour is LaCava. Cantlay is ranked at No. 31 and has the same caddy. Cantlay, 31, is currently ranked No.4 in the world. He has placed in the top five of the rankings three times in this year. This talent has brought him to the spotlight and highlighted his deliberate approach towards the game, which fans have enjoyed calling out in recent weeks.

Cantlay doesn’t know why people are now talking more about slow play, but is confident that it is not his fault if the problem exists.

He explained: “If you wanted to make players play faster, then you could put up the tees and put in easier hole locations. The greens would also roll at 10mph if that was what you wanted, and you’d hope the wind never exceeded 10 miles per hour.” When you have a really difficult day and the greens roll really fast, and the hole location is on a lot of slopes, it will take longer to play.

“But as I’ve already said, the rounds on Tour are taking the same time, and I don’t think that they will set up the course in a manner, I said, so rounds can go faster.

PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan was on hand for this week’s Tour’s ninth event. He told Cantlay that the Zurich Classic team event, which featured a format of alternate shots for the final round finished 24 minutes earlier than schedule.

Cantlay sneered, “He said that no one complained about them finishing too early.”

Cantlay doesn’t care if he gets criticized for playing fast, but is concerned with the rollback of golf balls. The USGA representative reached out to Cantlay and asked his opinion. “I think it is a bad idea,” he replied.

“I don’t think it would benefit the game.” He said that he thought bifurcation was bad for the sport. “I believe one of the greatest things about our sport is that everyone who plays at my club can use the same equipment as I do, and that’s a different experience than almost any other sport.”

“I imagine the best players will still be the best players.” Cantlay said that it would give more advantage to those who hit the ball far. If they dialed back the way they’re speaking about, a lot more guys would not be able get to some of the par 5s here. But the guys who can get there are still — The guys who get there now using long irons will be able get there with 3-woods or 5-woods. “I think that if the rules are changed, those who hit it farther will have an advantage.”

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