Patrick Reed’s lawyer demands an apology on-air from CNN’s Jake Tapper and Bob Costas; threatens $450M lawsuit

By Fly Pin High |
January 17, 2023

Patrick Reed’s attorney has added another lawsuit to the long list of recent suits against media companies and celebrities.

During a CNN segment last week, Jake Tapper talked with Bob Costas, longtime reporter and announcer, about the court battle between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour. Larry Klayman, Reed’s attorney, has written to the studio host asking for an apology on-air.

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Klayman’s letter states that his group will sue Tapper and Costas for damages in excess of $450,000,000 dollars. This includes punitive, compensatory, and actual damages.

Klayman filed and refiled a $750m defamation suit against Golf Channel’s Brandel Champblee, Damon Hack and Shane Bacon in 2022. Eamon Lynch, Golfweek columnist, and Gannett, its parent company, added a $250m lawsuit against Shane Ryan, Hachette Publishing and Fox Sports as well the Associated Press golf writer Doug Ferguson.

Plaintiffs in civil cases must prove that a defendant was liable. They cannot prove guilt. Klayman, a Florida-based lawyer who has lost a lot of defamation suits, filed the suit. He claimed that several national media outlets had defamed him, and that they had influenced his bid to win a U.S. Senate Seat.

The original suit against Brandel Chamblee, Golf Channel, stated that the group “conspired as joint Torfeasors with the PGA Tour and its executives and it’s Commissioner Jay Monahan to engage in a pattern of defamation Mr. Reed, misreporting important information with falsity, reckless disregard for the truth… deliberately omitting relevant key material facts to mislead public and actively targeting Mr. Reed from 23 years to destroy his reputation, create hatred, and…

Tapper’s political commentary and especially his comments about former President Donald Trump who has ties to several golf properties, are the targets of the new suit.

Although Jake Tapper was once a moderately honest journalist, commentator and journalist, he sold his soul after Donald Trump’s election to CNN’s hierarchy, which was then led by Jeff Zucker, a Trump-hater. CNN and Tapper have been pliantly on a crusade against Trump ever since. This crusade appeals to CNN’s mostly leftist viewership and makes the network money. In the subject broadcast, it is interesting that a Zucker-related person is mentioned.

Jeff Zucker was fired as CEO of CNN for alleged misconduct with a CNN subordinate. However, Tapper’s legacy as a Trump-hater continues and he continues his vicious attacks against Trump and anyone associated with him. LIV Golf played two events last year at Trump’s Florida and New Jersey golfing venues. LIV Golf paid (sic).

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