PGA Tour Champions See LIV-Destructive Golf, but Recognize It’s Hard to Turn Down the Money

Nov, 2022

BOCA RATON (Fla.) – LIV Golf is just as divided with the PGA Tour Champions crowd than it is with other professional golfers.

Many veterans don’t follow LIV and are not interested in the format or golf, but they know that it is hard for some to accept the money.

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Bernhard Langer, a Hall of Famer, believes that the series, which is funded by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund is detrimental to the sport.

Langer stated, “I believe it’s hurting Golf, I don’t believe it’s good.” “I don’t think they have a business plan, but I understand that it can be difficult for some people to turn down this kind of money.”

Langer’s view of the league is more tame than that of Mike Cowan, the legendary caddie who became famous for being Tiger Woods first caddie. Cowan, now 74, has been a Jim Furyk bagmate for 23 years.

Cowan offered his perspective as a caddie on LIV.

He said, “It doesn’t exist in mine world.” “I don’t care about it.”

Cowan warned him that he would have to be bleeped more if he continued.

PGA Tour Champions payouts are a joke compared to LIV

This weekend’s penultimate event of the PGA Tour Champions will be held at Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club. The $350,000 first-place prize is up for grabs and 36 of the best golfers will go on to Phoenix to compete for the Charles Schwab Cup champion and a $1,000,000 bonus.

Comparable to the amount of money LIV is throwing around, chump change is nothing compared to that which LIV throws around.

LIV’s inaugural season ended Sunday at Doral, with a $25,000,000 purse. LIV gave $255 million in prizes and bonuses to eight events this year. This number will rise to $405,000,000 for 14 events in 2023.

It is because Champions Tour players, who have made a living playing on the PGA Tour for many years, are able to understand the needs of those who cannot turn down the generational wealth.

Scott McCarron stated, “These guys make a lot of money.” I don’t blame the guys for going. As a young man, I wouldn’t have gone. I would like to win majors, and I’d love to be on Ryder Cup or Presidents Cup. I can’t fault the older men for wanting to go.

McCarron has won approximately $12.65 Million in the PGA Tour’s two-decade history. This is about the amount Peter Uihlein earned this year at eight events in the LIV series. Furyk won $71.5 million in prize money from the PGA Tour so he is more aware of what it means to be extremely successful.

Furyk wonders if some of the more successful golfers could abandon the tour.

Furyk stated that the 40- to 45-year-old men saw the big pot of gold at rainbow’s end and decided to take the plunge. “The young men are the most interesting, and they make me wonder.

“The tour’s playing to so much money, their pension packages, the ability make a great life out there.”

Furyk’s comments, however, were measured. Furyk wonders if the LIV model can be sustained, particularly without a television contract.

He said, “The tour has a sustainable model.”

While he doesn’t believe that the sport will suffer, he does not believe in a merger. He said, “What I see are two tours competing against one another.”

Langer isn’t sure, however, how LIV will grow the game.

Langer stated, “They claimed they are growing the game.” Langer asked, “How do they grow the game?” It’s bad for the game, because not everyone is playing in the same tournaments.

“I don’t see any positives in any of this. The team thing, I don’t know if people buy into it.”

Langer’s LIV has made Langer the PGA Tour Champions. Langer, who resides in Boca Raton has amassed $33.33million over his 15-year tenure on the 50-and older circuit. In three decades of playing on the PGA Tour, he won $10.76million.

Darren Clarke declined the opportunity to be in LIV’s broadcast booth

LIV offered Darren Clarke a three year contract to be a color commentaryator for its broadcasts. These broadcasts are only available on YouTube and LIV’s website. He declined the offer after being told that his participation in the broadcast was a violation of regulations and could be subject to disciplinary action.

Clarke, 54 years old, would have been expelled from the PGA Tour Champions, and placed at risk of playing in the British Open or Senior British Open.

Clarke declined to speak on Friday’s LIV, but spoke about Read this summer.

Clarke said, “I really enjoy my Champions tour time and didn’t want it to be jeopardized.” He wouldn’t disclose the amount.

Langer, 65 years old, was asked what he would do if LIV existed in his heyday. He received an offer.

He said, “I don’t really know the answer and I can’t give it.” “I was not in that situation, and I don’t know what would I have said if they had thrown $100 million at my head, or whatever amount it may have been. It’s hard to answer. I don’t know the answer.

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