Phil Mickelson couldn’t resist making a cheeky jab at the PGA Tour for Jon Rahm’s Request

By Fly Pin High |
August 9, 2023

Jon Rahm stated that he hopes the PGA Tour will have porta potties on each hole.

“I’ll tell you now that my priorities are lower than most people think. It may sound silly, but it’s as simple as putting a porta-potty in every toilet. I know this sounds absurd, but I cannot choose when to use the bathroom. “I’ve told this tour many times.”

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Phil Mickelson, in typical Phil Mickelson style, responded to a Tweet from “NUCLR Golf” which shared Rahm’s quote.

It’ll never happen.


LIV starts doing it. It will happen instantly. ?”

Greg Norman Jr. replied to Phil, the son of LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman.

Yesterday, the PGA Tour released its new schedule. The calendar features smaller fields with no-cut events.

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