PXG x Nick Jonas launches new apparel and accessories

By Fly Pin High |
November 16, 2022

Nick Jonas, a pop star, actor, and avid golfer, has teamed up to create a collection of 15 apparel styles as well as nine accessories. This project is more than a year in the making and features disruptive pieces like knitted tees, pleated pants, and slides.

PXG is making a splash in the footwear design world with the launch of the slides. They are far from what you would wear on the beach. These slides are a tribute to golfers who don’t want to take off their golf shoes or move too far from the game. The transparent midsole allows you to see the non-functioning spikes within the footwear. The bottom has a textured outsole that is inspired by golf balls. It provides functional traction. Jonas says the slides are his favorite piece in the collection.

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PXG x NJ Slides – $95. (PXG)

Renee Parsons, the president and executive director of PXG Apparel, has been closely working with Jonas to bring this collection to life. The PXG x NJ Multi Pocket ZIP-Up Hybrid Jacket is her favorite, as it has a windbreaker hood and drawstring holders, and mesh detailing. This item is tied together by the blue accent at the zippier.

PXG x NJ Multi Pocket Zip Up Hybrid Jacket – $295 (PXG)

Jonas shared his story about how he got into the game of golf while promoting the collection in New York City.

“When I was 10 years old, we had a Jersey family friend who was a ranger. Jonas stated that he would allow me to ride on the cart with him, and I would watch him do his thing and sometimes hit some balls. “When I was 15 years old, I began to take more seriously the tour because I would have a whole day to waste before the shows.”

Jonas is delighted to be part of PXG’s first celebrity collaboration. Parsons hopes to reach new audiences and grow the game.

“Nick really does have a audience of between 25 and 40 years old,” Parsons said. Parsons said that there are a lot more females than we thought, but the trend is skewed towards older people. “We want the game to be fun and accessible. We believe Nick brings this to the collaboration. He’s young, a pop icon and well-known, but he’s also not known for his golf skills, which is something we think Nick brings to the collaboration.

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