Report: LIV Golf plans a ‘Drive to Survive’ style docuseries

Oct, 2022

LIV Golf is still looking for confirmation of a broadcast agreement, most likely with Fox Sports. reports link the organization to a ‘Drive to Survive’ docuseries. This rivals the Netflixcovering interviews with PGA Tour players and recorded footage of their lives.

A report from indicates that the Saudi-based league is looking for partners to produce and broadcast a show featuring their stars in an effort to increase fan engagement.

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The Greg Norman-led tour is not getting the viewing numbers it deserves . The report suggests that the group has tried to reach out to several streaming companies for help, but to no avail.

Jame Colgan, Golf’s reporter, reported that “LIV’s final-round coverage has consistently struggled to reach half the PGA Tour’s average audience of 1.8m viewers while coverage from the league’s international stops has struggled reach one-fifth the Tour average.”

This is despite all the best efforts of LIV. Front Office Sports was told by Will Staeger, chief media officer at LIV, that:

We want exposure. Broad viewership is what we want. He said that he wanted to be on a platform where people are used to watching sports. It is a necessity for golf. Listening to golf on TV can be quite annoying, I have to admit.

boring. Because everyone says the exact same thing about everybody.”

But, there is no indication that a contract has been reached. It seems LIV is exploring other ideas to reach more people.

Contributors will need to see some returns on their investment of several hundred million dollars. Norman suggested that the series was “a tempting carrot” but there is no indication that broadcasters are rushing to air the LIV finale at Trump National Doral next weekend.

The 2023 edition of will have a larger field, more events, and more prize money.

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