Report: Mickelson’s “deeply offensive” act against Pat Perez is’so infuriating’.

Nov, 2022

Rumours have swirled about a feud among two of LIV Golf’s most polarizing golfers.

Pat Perez claims Phil Mickelson did something “unforgiveable”. This has led Perez to have deep hatred for the 43-time winner of the PGA Tour.

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Perez discussed his issues with Mickelson on Claude Harmon’s podcast “Son of a Butch”, but refused to give any further details about what transpired.

Perez said to Harmon, “When it comes Phil, I have an entirely different hatred than most people.” “People won’t know the story, I’m not going into the story again. But Phil crossed the line that is just inexcusable and unforgivable.

He knows he made a mistake. Although he apologized, I can’t forgive him because I have known Phil for a very long time. The guy has been my friend for a long time. The fact that he took this action not only was it planned but he also knew when it would happen. I was even hurt by it. I thought, “How could this guy do that?”

We now have more information about the Perez/Mickelson feud thanks to Alan Shipnuck (who wrote the controversial biography of Mickelson). @Mfurlong asked Shipnuck in a Q and A if he had any information about the beef feud between the two.

“What’s all the Pat Perez/Phil dust up about?” I once read in a detective novel that “All crime is about money or sex.” ?”

Shipnuck replied to the question and said that the details were too inflamatory to share without verifying with Perez.

“It’s not about money. While researching my book Mickelson, I heard about his relationship with Perez (a San Diego native). Both have a lot in common. Perez considers himself to be a Tiger guy. This means that he has never been warm or cuddly towards Phil. Perez’s recent podcast appearances were inspired by Mickelson’s conduct that deeply offended Perez, his wife Ashley. Pat declined to go on-record. I tried to approach him a few times. A few players and caddies told me that Perez had informed them of the incident, but the details were so inflaming that I was hesitant to publish the story without confirmation. Perez is clearly still battling this situation so we will see if he decides to share the details. If so, it will definitely set off a firestorm.

While it is still not clear what happened between Perez Mickelson and Perez, it is evident that players and caddies discussed it with Alan Shipnuck. This gives me hope that the truth will eventually emerge.

More drama is what golf needs.

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