Report: Phil Mickelson’s monstrous gambling habit revealed

Aug, 2023

The excerpt from Billy Walters new book “Gambler – Secrets from A Life at Risk”, was released on Thursday. The Firepit Collective shared the excerpt, which focuses on Phil Mickelson’s gambling habits over a period of four years from 2010 to 2014.

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Walters shares in the excerpt the amount Phil wagered per game when he was Phil’s partner.

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  • “He wagered $110,000 and won $100,000 1,115 times.
  • He won $200,000. On 858 occasions he wagered $220,000 and won $200,000. The total of 1,973 gross bets was more than $311,000,000.
  • In 2011, he placed 3,154 wagers, or an average of nine bets per day.
  • He lost $143,500 on a single day (June 22, 2011) when he placed 43 bets.

Walters claims that Phil’s gambling losses were probably closer to $100,000,000 than the $40 million reported.

Walters concludes, “In total, he bet a sum of over $1 billion in the last three decades.”

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