Review of PXG 0211 woods: What’s the best value in golf?

Nov, 2022

PXG’s 0211 irons and woods are designed for golfers who want to have easy-to-hit clubs with the most recent technology, but not break the bank. PXG’s new 0211 line was introduced this year. They have taken all the lessons learned and created the most affordable line possible. PXG’s flagship 0311 irons and woods have been a lot of fun so I didn’t expect much from the lower priced options. These are one of the most affordable golf clubs. Listen to my complete review on the Club Junkie podcast or on any other podcast platform. Search GolfWRX Radio.

The new PXG 0211 driver is priced at $219, which is shocking considering the time I wrote this review. The driver and 7-wood were taken out to the range by me to see how they compare to my 0311XF Gen5 flagship woods. I wasn’t expecting much. The 0211 looks are very simple, with the silver line around its perimeter and the silver X alignment aid. It has the full PXG DNA, rounded back, and a deeper face than the 0311XF.

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Yes, a 12-degree head does require a bit of loft. You don’t see the entire face as well as you might think. The black crown looks great with the dark face. It doesn’t feel like you’re hitting a driver with so much loft. It sounds great, and it is actually better than the 0311XF. The 0311 XF produces a muted, lower-pitched sound at impact. This is in contrast to the 0311 XF’s tingling sound. The face is now responsive, and you can see when the ball hits the center of your face. However, the 0311XF allows you to feel the ball compress slightly as it touches the face.

You can see it immediately when you view the flight. The 0211 launches higher than the 0311 XF. My launch monitor measured an increase of 1.3 degrees in comparison to the same high-flying and shafted 0311XF driver. I believe that this is a conservative number. Although the first two shots taken with the 0311XF were high-quality, I did not delete them because they were outliers. If I had removed those two photos, I believe I would have seen a launch difference of closer to 2 degrees. The 0211 is very responsive to mishits and dispersion is tight. Although the 0211 strikes a straight ball, I see more left bias than the 0311 XF.

My 0311 XF has movableweights that are set in the toe for maximum fade. However, both drivers are set at the -1 degree loft and flat settings on the hosel. Although the 0211 did not hit any big draws, the shots started a little further left. The spin rate of the 0211 was very low, with only a few hundred more RPM than the 0311XF. However, the difference in ball speed was less than.5mph for the 0211.

I found the 7 wood to be a lot like the driver. Launch was easy and higher than the 0311XF. However, my 0311XF 7 wood has a heavier shaft and is stiffer. The interesting thing about the 0211 7-wood loft is 21 degrees, while my 0311XF gamer has a 22 degree head that I have turned down 1*. The 0211 does not have an adjustable hosel, but the head seems to be square once it is placed on the turf. The 0211 ball flight was a bit more than the driver and shots began with more draw.

Launch was 1.5 degrees faster with the 0211, which is very evident when the ball glides down the range. The ball speed with the 0211 was about 1.5mph faster and spun about 250RPM quicker than the 0311XF. Although I hit the 0311 XF slightly farther, I believe that it was due to hitting it lower and flatter. The $169 price is a great deal if you’re considering a 7-wood.

The performance of the PXG0211 woods is outstanding, regardless of their price. This line of woods is comparable to many of the flagship models, larger and more expensive, from any brand. It is possible to add a driver, fairway and hybrid to your bag without spending as much as the top drivers. These woods were designed by PXG with a high level of performance in mind. Golfers will only benefit from this.

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