Rocco Mediate makes a very interesting prediction about Tiger’s immediate future

Mar, 2023

Rocco Mediate is most famous for his epic duel against Tiger Woods at 2008 U.S. Open. Rocco fought with Woods for 90 holes, before losing on the 18th playoff. However, he earned a special place among golf historians.

Mediate had a recent chat with hosts Dennis Paulson on SiriusXM PGA TOUR Radio and Jason Sobel on SiriusXM PGA TOUR Radio. They discussed Tiger Woods and the ever-present story in LIVI Golf.

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Mediate spoke out about the Woods’ 47-year-old age.

“By and large, I don’t believe he’s even close to done. That’s something I have been saying for 10 years. Despite being laughed at, I don’t believe he’s done.

Unless his body is damaged again. But what if his body is healthy? Forget it. He does crazy stuff in the next few years, I believe. This is just my opinion.

The 60-year old also defended the PGA Tour during their ongoing fight with LIV.

“So LIV appeared and started the attack. Attacking the best of the best will result in you being attacked back. All your ideas, yes, some of them, I think we can do that now, and maybe we will throw another billion at them now. Sorry, you didn’t want us doing that, did? It’s almost like everyone is saying, “Well, you shouldn’t have done that,”… and it’s like, “Yes, thank you.” We are the best. We are the best. The PGA Tour always has the best product. It’s not even close. Now, everybody’s, I saw Lee Westwood make a big deal about whatever he was saying, some stupid crap he said yesterday. It’s going, I thought it was terrible, but what are you concerned about ?”

Mediate is having a problem with all the players who have been critical of the PGA Tour since they left. He said that the Tour allowed them to “become the [they] are”.

Dennis gave me, Tiger, and everyone else that played on the PGA Tour a chance to be whatever it was we wanted to be. It gave us the chance to be who we are. It’s not enough. We hate them so we are going to leave the entity that gave life to us, the exact entity. How can you do that? It’s not clear to me. The DJ, Pat Perez and the other guys did it right. They just said, “You know what, you’re done.” It’s wonderful. Don’t go after those who gave you the opportunity to be whatever you want. This is what drove me mad. You can do it. You can just say “Hey, guys. Thank you for all your hard work since ’68. Do not chase ’em. Do not Talor Gooch their Ass. Are you kidding me em?

Sirius XM will host a “Rocco Hour”, every Tuesday, starting March 7.

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