Rusty Strawn hopes to cap off 2022 by taking the Golfweek Senior Challenge Cup captaincy

By Fly Pin High |
November 12, 2022

Rusty Strawn, ranked at the top of the Golfweek rankings and a Captain at the upcoming Senior Challenge Cup is a force to reckon with on senior amateur circuits.

Strawn started playing golf at the age of seven thanks to his father. He had a set Chi-Chi Rodriguez clubs. The game quickly became his favorite pastime.

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Strawn was a solid player and played for Georgia Southern throughout college. Strawn was a solid player but he chose to continue his family business.

Heading Strawn and Co. Insurance, growing a family, and golf took a backseat.

Strawn stated that it was difficult to manage all three. “Obviously, if my goal was to have a healthy marriage, be a father to my children, and grow my company, it wasn’t possible for me to put in the effort and time into golf to compete at the (national) span>

Although Strawn didn’t play on a national level, he kept his game in good shape and won Georgia’s mid-amateur title at the age of 29. He then finished second the following year. He decided in his 40s to work hard towards his dream of playing on the most prestigious stages amateur golf offers.

He said that he didn’t want the font-weight to be 400 ;”>” and that he was not going to wait until he turned 55. “I wanted to get ready for senior golf as soon as I could, five or six years ago. “Ok, let’s see if I can get span>

Strawn finally had the opportunity to pursue his dream with his children in college and his business running like a well-oiled machine.

Strawn stated that he wasn’t torn at end of day. “Sometimes, when I was playing golf in the early stages of my career, I felt like I should have been home or at work. However, I was very focused in my 40s and 50s on what I wanted to do .”

Jennifer Strawn was the greatest supporter of his dreams.

Strawn recalled that Jenny (font-weight 400 ;”>”) was a major player in this. She encouraged me and said, “Hey, you know what, this is your last chance to win.” ‘”

Strawn was driven by his wife and willing to work hard, which helped him reach the senior amateur stage. Strawn won the senior amateur game and he was a dominant player.

Strawn has won 12 matches since 2020. Strawn also won the U.S. Senior Amateur 2022.

Strawn is proud to have won the senior amateur golf crown jewel. The Frederick L. Dold trophy is not the only prize Strawn won, it’s the experience that comes with it.

Strawn stated that while I am very grateful for the trophy and the gold medal, the top prize in a USGA event is the 10-year exemption to the senior amateur.

Strawn has a USGA title under his belt, four individual wins and a team win at East West Matches. He will also be a captain at the Senior Challenge Cup.

While winning is preferable, Strawn says his favorite thing about being part of a team is the friendships. Friendships.

span style=”font weight: 400 ;”>” I love the camaraderie. Strawn stated that it reminds him of college golf. “I love team events span because I can share those victories, defeats, and opportunities with others. That’s what I love about them span>

Strawn will face off against Craig Hurlbert (former Golfweek Player-of-the Year) and his Challenge Cup team. Reunion Resort is a Jack Nicklaus designed resort in Kissimmee. The event will take place Dec. 14-16.

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