Scotty Cameron’s Circle T Putters Spotted at the Wells Fargo Championship 2023

By Fly Pin High |
May 3, 2023

The Wells Fargo Championship was a great place to see Scottys this week ( Check out our photos here).

Below, we break down some of Quail’s Circle T action.

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Scott Stallings: Circle T GSS Timeless

Stallings carried an unusual Scotty, as it was made of German Stainless Steel (GSS), a rarer material, and it lacked the stampings for the model name. It looks like the Newport 2 with a GSS stamped hosel, and a Circle T shaped into a crown. The topline is adorned with a dot and the back cavity features “Cameron”, stamped upside down. The tri-sole has three stars at the toe, and a “350” near toe that I assume represents the head’s weight.

Taylor Montgomery: Circle T TG6.2

Taylor Montgomery, one of the newest players to try out Scotty’s GoLo Mallet, is another player who has been using it. Taylor’s mallet is unique in that it has a crank neck or plumbers neck welded to the head for added toe-hang. The head, made of Scoty’s Tourtype SSS Stainless Steel, has a deeper milling in the face to give it a more mellow sound and feel. Taylor’s putter has cherry bombs covering the face and the back cavity. The same transparent red paint is used to cover the Circle T logo in the sole. On the sole, two 10-gram Circle T Weights are mounted and a black site line has been milled in the flange.

Eric Cole – Circle T SB-2

Eric Cole seems to be a big fan of center-shafted putting putters. In his bag, we found a Circle T SB-2 that had a center shaft attached. These center-shafted putters are typically face balanced. The site line is located on the topline, right next to post for shaft. This leaves the flange bare. The face features a deeper milling, and triple cherry bombs are located near the toe. The SB-2 head is made from SSS and has 5 cherry bombs inside the back cavity. The sole plate has a large Circle T logo milled in and 15g weights are installed at the heel and toe.

Ryan Gerard: Circle T TG6

Ryan Gerard wanted a TG6 that was based on a retail GoLo, but in black. Ryan chose a shallower milling of the face, but kept the three cherry-bombs filled with light blue. On the toe, we can see that his initials are also stamped in a light blue paint. The topline is topped with a small, single-site line. There are no alignment aids in the flange. Scotty’s Surgical Stainless Steel logos are on both the face and the sole of this model, as is the case with all TG6 putters. Ryan chose twin 15-gram weights, a large soleplate with a Circle T filled with light blue paint and a large plate with the SSS logo.

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