Should Jay Monahan remain as commissioner? Jon Rahm and Brian Harman weigh-in

Aug, 2023

MEMPHIS (Tennessee) — The question that was asked to the public was: Do you believe Jay Monahan deserves to keep his position as PGA Tour Commissioner?

The question was asked to Brian Harman and Jon Rahm. Jon Rahm is the 2023 Masters winner and the No. 1 player in the FedEx Cup standings. This question was asked on Tuesday, ahead of the FedEx St. Jude Championship. Both defended Monahan despite the PGA Tour membership’s conflicted opinions on Monahan’s handling of the feud between Tour and LIV Golf.

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Harman stated, “I believe Jay is an excellent leader for our organization.”

He continued, “Without Jay Monahan I don’t think we can make it through COVID.” “His bravery and leadership through that — I remember that we were the only sports operating and that we were in Connecticut and on the range, where it was peak COVID. There were guys going down left and rights, as if this guy is positive.”

Rahm took a similar stance towards Harman. However, he is still reserving his final judgement until he has seen the details of any potential deal that could be forged between the PGA Tour’s Public Investment Fund and Saudi Arabia.

Rahm stated, “I believe he should be given the chance to finish it off in the same manner he did.” “I don’t think we remember how well he handled a number of things. He was a great manager at COVID, and he kept many people in employment.

Rahm plans to attend the meeting with Monahan and players.

Rahm stated, “I’m not sure if the PGA Tour will make any announcements. But I’m going to go and hope to hear other players’ opinions to see if they are different or similar to mine.”

If Monahan wants to win the favor of Rahm, then he only needs to make one change.

Rahm: “I’m going to tell you that my priorities are much lower than most people think.” “It is as simple as putting a Porta Potty in every hole. I know this sounds ridiculous, but I don’t get to choose when I go to the toilet.

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