Since Lydia Ko’s first win 10 years ago, how has the LPGA scoring changed?

Oct, 2022

Lydia Ko describes this as the most consistent round of golf she has ever played, which is quite an accomplishment for the former World No. 1. Ko won her second title at the BMW Ladies Championship last week. Ko has 11 top-5 finishes in her 20 starts. She is currently leading the tour with 65 percent of top-10 percentages. She has 13 top-10 results.

Ko frequently speaks out about the increase in tour depth during her time. She won her 18th LPGA title in 2010, 10 years after winning the inaugural event as a 15 year-old amateur.

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Ko said, “I think each season is really difficult to compare because not just am I trying to get better,” and “every single player is trying to improve, and that’s why the score is so important.”

“At all these championships the score for the cut has been getting lower and the score to win is getting smaller. That’s why I said earlier that if you have just one OK round that will put you back to where it could have been OK and still have the chance to win.

“It’s really hard to win, just because of the current level of play and women’s golf.”

Ko is the Vare Trophy winner for lowest average scoring, an award she won last year. It’s getting harder out there. Let’s take a closer look at the evolution of scoring on the LPGA over the past decade.

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