Spotted: 2024 Fujikura Ventus Blue shaft on tour

Feb, 2024

We got a sneak peek at the new Ventus Blue shaft from Fujikura a few weeks ago, and we are now seeing out on tour for the best players in the world to test.

This week at the Genesis Invitational, the crew from Fujikura is in attendance and excited for the new shaft to make its debut. The new Ventus Blue shaft will have a very similar profile to the current Ventus Blue and should offer players launch and spin numbers that are comparable. What Fujikura has improved is the internal technology, VeloCore, that has made the Ventus and Ventus TR shafts so popular on tour and in fittings all over the world.

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We asked Fujikura’s Spencer Reynolds about the new Ventus Blue and VeloCore Plus:

“The key to this one is really new technology…This will be our first profile to feature what we call VeloCore Plus. What we did is we took the original profile of the original Blue we launched…back in 2018 on global tours. So over the last handful of years, we’ve learned a lot about material integration and material layouts and kind of where we can push the envelope a little bit.

“And we wanted to keep a similar profile that gave similar feel, launch, and spin numbers but we wanted to tighten the dispersion and increase the speed. We figured out how to do that and we kinda reengineered VeloCore a bit. We took the key elements…full -length pitch material and then the 40-ton material…we took those key elements and enhanced some of those. We…increased the tonnage and increased the strength of those materials.

“Then we added a third material as a bias core to essentially give it a really solid feel. I think it’s what we’re left with is a profile that bumps up speed, increases accuracy, tightens dispersion, and has incredible feel to it. So what we found in player testing was increases in speed, and a lot of the feedback we got from feel was it just feels tighter than the original — not stiffer, still kind of the same bend profile, softer in the handle, stiff in the mid, ultra-stiff in the tip — but just an overall tighter feeling to the shaft.

“So we tested it. We’re psyched about it. Obviously excited to have it out here on tour, and we’re ready to rock and roll.”

This new Ventus Blue even sports a new matte blue paint that is lighter than the original and has a slightly different “Ventus” text near the center of the shaft. Fujikura also made some slight tweaks to the Ventus logo near the grip, adding some different micro-texture to the silver graphic.

This new Ventus Blue with VeloCore Plus should be out to Fujikura dealers at the end of February.

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