SPOTTED: Hand photos of Ping’s G430 drivers, fairway trees and hybrids

By Fly Pin High |
October 29, 2022

The new G430 MAX and G430 LST drivers by Ping were added to the USGA Conforming List and introduced to PGA Tour players during the 2022 Shriners Children’s Open. GolfWRX took in-hand photos at the Shriners of the G430 Max driver, G430 Max fairwaywood, G430 Max driver and G430 Max hybrid.

Ping hasn’t yet spoken publicly on new technologies and design. GolfWRX met Jason Day, an equipment-free agent at the Shriners, to get his early feedback about the G430 products.

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Day spoke out about the G430 LST driver. “Well, apparently it is supposed to be a few miles per hour quicker, is what [Ping] is] saying. They’re also saying it tends to move left-right,” Day stated. It may not work for someone who has faded it already, but I’m one the guys who [hits] a draw.” It seemed quite good. It’s still something I have to try out, but it seems like it drives just as well, if perhaps a bit more, than the G410 I had. It’s still early so we’ll have to wait. It’s quite friggin’ good right now.

“I like the way it sits on the ground. I don’t like things looking too lofty or hooded. It looks like you are going to hit these low bullet fades all the time with the loft on [the G430LST]. It looks great right now.

“In the past they have had to add more hot melting into the 410 and 425 because the sound was not right. These cars have less hot melt and a lot more head [weight]. It feels much easier for me to switch to the G430 because I like a lot head weight in my driver.

“The best thing about it is that I don’t get any money from anyone so I can be totally honest and tell you what I think of the driver. Right now, with the way it’s coming out, it’s actually quite nice compared to my G410. In the past, I used a lot of spin with my 410. Ping is a difficult sport for many guys. I have a soft ball so the spin is increasing. They said this driver has a lot more spin than previous drivers. This might be perfect .”

28 players used a Ping G430 driver in the first week of the PGA Tour. 23 were G430 LST models.

Our full article on Ping’s G430 Product Launch at Shriners. Also, check out our hands-on photos of the G430 hybrids, drivers and fairways below!


Driver G430 MAX

Ping G430 MAX fairway timber

Ping G430 Hybrid

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