Spotted: Luke Donald’s new Odyssey Versa 12 CCS putter

By Fly Pin High |
March 31, 2023

Luke Donald has used a center-shafted Odyssey#7 putter since a very, very long. According to Joe Toulon (Callaway’s PGA Tour manager), Luke decided to try new putters.

The new putter is the Odyssey Versa Twelve CS mallet. It’s center-shafted, naturally. The Versa high-contrast alignment system by Odyssey was introduced in 2013. has brought back the Versa with full head shapes. The Twelve CS mallet is a high MOI with a raised central section and “wings”. To help align the putter towards the target, the head is finished in black. A large rectangle in white runs along the middle of the putter. The shaft is attached to the top of the head by a small site line.

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Odyssey’s White Hot insert, a two-part urethane formulation that provides a soft touch and consistent distance control is the most popular. Two weights can be used to customize the sole’s feel and head weight. Odyssey’s Stroke Lab counterbalanced graphite shaft is standard on the Versa Twelve CS, but Luke seems to have chosen a traditional steel shaft with a Super Stroke Claw 2.0Zenergy grip in Red or White.

Andrew Tursky of our own asked Joe Toulon what type of player gravitates towards a putter with a central-shafted style.

It’s simple to adjust the face angle using a center shafted putter. This is a good choice for someone who has good hands. A center shafted putter can give you more control over your face if you are a skilled chipper.

View more photos of the Odyssey Versa Twelve CS CS Putter.

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